Brand- and Corporate Design Development | 2014-2016


Gouv/au is eyewear from one of the oldest active French eyewear companies: Gouverneur Audigier, founded in 1878.

GOUV/AU is the sister brand of Clément Gouverneur. While the idea of Clément was to bring back original classic eyepieces, the approach of GOUV/AU was different: classics eyepieces of the last centuries but spiced with a contemporary twist. Simplicity as an expression of true luxury was woven into the collection and the brand appearance – from communication design to live communication, from packaging to brochures.


The positive reactions the communication design caused was flattering. But much more relevant is the number of cities where GOUV/AU and Clément Gouverneur (the sister brand of GOUV/AU) are available today: they rose from 0 to over 300 – from Paris to Shanghai. And the number of countries where you can find the brand rosed from 0 to 23 – from Canada to Finnland. This happened of course not just because of the brand identity I developed and the communication design, but it made its contribution.

My input to the project covers:
_ brand name GOUV/AU
_ brand focus, brand story and text
_ corporate design development and execution
_ model selection and shooting direction
_ art direction and communication design for the pop up space in Paris


Model shooting by Yvonne Most. Make up and styling by Katharina Kraft. Video takes and editing for the movie „Shooting impressions“ by Felix Brokbals.

Postcard set
Making of movie of the first shooting

Brand and product book

Folder, front and backside – unfolded