Image Campaign for 7 Universities in Saxony-Anhalt | 2017


The universities in Saxony-Anhalt have a lot to offer: The teaching and research staff is renowned. The campuses are among the most modern and appealing in Europe. The teaching staff / student ratio is excellent and individual coaching and individual career preparation is rather normal than an exception.

Apparently this seems to be an insider tip since the Universities in the eastern areas of Germany have capacities. On top of that the demographic change in the eastern parts makes it even more difficult to fill up the university places in Saxony-Anhalt by high-school graduates from the state.

In order to acquire students from outside the state, primarily from the western areas of Germany, the Universities of the State of Saxony-Anhalt launched a joint campaign. The tasks of the campaign are to give the study location a positive and specific image, to communicate the advantages of studying in Saxony-Anhalt in order to encourage pupils to study in Saxony-Anhalt.


In behalf of the rectors of the Universities I am responsible for the strategic and creative direction of the campaign. Among other things I am responsible for:
_Creative Brief
_Structuring the public tendering process
_Leading the pitch presentation process
_Briefing, monitoring and coaching the agencies
_Strategic and creative input during all steps and actions

In the pitch process two agencies have been selected: WLDX, Berlin for the creative parts of the campaign and Construktiv, Bremen/Berlin for media. The project is managed by a two-women team, plus a content/social media manager.


The central approach of the campaign: an excellent education is the basis for a successful working future. But we believe that in addition to that an authentic and well developed personality is a key factor to be prepared for the working world of tomorrow. It is relatively clear that in a changing world of work values ​​such as individuality, changeability and flexibility will increasingly count.

The campaign attracts attention with an extraordinary main idea and a unique and high end design. It provides relevant services (e.g. a personality test combined with a clever search engine for study programs) information around studying in general, the States’ Universities, its programs and the locations.


  • The results of 19 month (November 18) speak for themselves:
  • More than 1.100.000 visits on the landing page (approx. 1.800 per day)
  • Over 251.000 people finished the personality test
  • Over 267.000 people used the study program search engine (average time spent 7.3 minutes)
  • 27% of our primary target group knows the campaign
  • 69% of them evaluate it as good or excellent
  • Connecting nothing with Saxony-Anhalt as a place to study dropped from 44% to 38% within the 20 month of the campaign
  • Studying in Saxony-Anhalt is for 37% of our primary target group not an option. When they know the campaign it’s for 19%


The campaign has been developed in cooperation of excellent professionals.
Idea, concept and design: WLDX, Berlin (a joint venture of CDLX and Waald)

Media and social media:
Construktiv, Bremen/Berlin

Project team:
Dr. Melanie Hyll
Dr. Christiane Lindner
Juliane Noske
Katja Sommer

What the future brings? You.  | The moment in which everything is possible.  | Who does nothing makes everything wrong

The Website

The web portal wirklichweiterkommen.de is the central hub of the campaign. It serves as a guide and a sustainable contact point for the target groups pupils, parents and teachers. It is designed as an „onepager“ so that all important information can be found on the first page by scrolling down. The target group of young people between the ages of 16 and 21 are mostly mobile, so this format is best suited to picking on usage habits and keeping the attention of visitors. Playful elements also ensure that students enjoy the information search.

RE/FLECT the Personality Test

Personal development starts with self-reflection: One highlight of the campaign is the personality test RE/FLECT – scientifically based and acknowledged by psychologists and human resource professionals. The results of the test can be imported in the study program search engine (see below) and the user starts his search with study fields that match the personal profile.

RE/SEARCH the Search Engine

Another highlight of the campaign is a smart search engine for for study programs RE/SEARCH. Due to super comfortable filter functions the search engines does not just make it very easy to find a matching program, it also inspires to discover and explore programs off  the main tracks. If connected with the result of the personality test, the search engine offers matching study fields automatically.

The Campus Stories

In order to give the universities personal faces and to represent them individually, seven campus stories were produced with real university students. In these stories, the protagonists take you through important places of study and how the respective university contributes to their development. This proves the strategic approach that promises that studying in Saxony-Anhalt moves you forward (wirklich weiterkommen).

Minh, a personality from the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle
Mehdi, a personality from the University of Applied Science Merseburg
Reni, a personality from the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg
Michaela, a personality from the Martin Luther University Halle/Wittenberg
David, a personality from the University of Applied Science Anhalt
Nicole, a personality from the University of Applied Science Madgeburg-Stendal
Thys, a personality from the University of Applied Science Harz


Do what you want.
Set of postcards with motivation messages.
Set of information material
It is about you.
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